Witch hunts

There was an interesting letter sent to the Libertarian Party of Florida’s Executive Committee.  (Emails sent to the Executive Committee are available at https://docs.lpf.org/ec-emails/. Most of them are pretty boring, having to do with adding things to the agenda, etc.)

I am writing to request the removal of Marcos Miralles, Pierre-Alexandre Crevaux, James Chipman, Ryan Ramsey, and Brandi Hicks from the LPF membership.


Mr Chipman is known to hold racists views that are contrary to the form of the Libertarian viewpoint as espoused by Gary Johnson.  Both Mr Ramsey and Brandi Hicks are vocal racists who have used both antisemitic terminology and degrogatory terms for African Americans.
Mr Miralles has not only allowed this behavoir to occur, but has promoted said individuals to position of authority, knowing their behavoir.  It shows a total disregard for the party’s branding and a lack of real Libertarian leadership.
Mr Crevaux has not only aided in this disaster, but is a known fraudster.  He has illegally overstayed his visa, continuously claiming to be correcting this issue and in reality doing nothing.  He created a fraudulent Presidential campaign to crash an puritanical libertarian party on behalf of the 2012 Johnson campaign, and frequently admits to it.  He has also broken the federal law be holding positions in authority in both political campaigns and political parties, which is against the federal law.  He has also donated $100 to an affiliate, also breaking federal law.
I ask you, for the sake of liberty, to remove this unscrupulous individuals.
Hadassah L. Eichmann
[This was copied and pasted directly from the email; don’t blame me for the spelling mistakes.]
Why am I writing about this email?  There are two separate issues with the email, and one of them is far more important than the other.
Let’s talk about witch hunts.  The email includes open ended accusations without any specifics.  So-and-so is a racist.
How do you investigate a claim like that?  Do you investigate everything in the person’s life?  There’s a term for such an open ended investigation: witch hunt.  Everyone is (probably) guilty of something.  Everyone has made an error in judgment at some point. And an open ended investigation will need to justify itself and will trumpet whatever it finds.
And the cost of such an investigation?  It’s bad enough when an entity which has deep pockets runs it, but the LPF is not such an organization.  Does it have the financial resources to run such an investigation, or should it merely kick out anyone that’s accused of anything?
For me to take such an accusation seriously, it needs to be backed up with actual testable events.  On this date, at this time, So-and-so did this.  And it was recorded here.  I’m not going to support an open ended investigation of anyone.
Then there’s the second problem with the email.  Of all the people accused, only two of them are on the Executive Committee.  The others are not officers of the LPF.  The LPF EC does not have the authority to kick people off of leadership positions within county affiliates, nor does it have the authority to strip people of being libertarians.  (I suspect that state law also precludes the later ability.)  So what was the point of sending the email to the EC in the first place?
I responded to the author of the email as follows:
I read your email on the https://docs.lpf.org/ec-emails/ site.  I have no idea if your accusations are correct since you provided no evidence.  However, writing an email to the Executive Committee will not produce the results you are looking for.
If you are looking at changing the make up of the Executive Committee, you’ll need to build up support among the libertarians attending the Annual Convention (https://conf.lpf.org/) both this year and next year.  You’ll need to run a slate of officers against them and have them removed through the ballot.
Marcos Mirrales’ term does not end until the 2019 convention, so you’ve got time to recruit a candidate.
Pierre-Alexandre Crevaux is not an officer of the Libertarian Party of Florida.  As far as I can tell, his only office is with the County Affiliate for Miami Dade County.  As such, the LPF EC cannot do anything about his position; you’ll need to work with the County affiliate directly.
James Chipman is also not an officer of the Libertarian Party of Florida.  As far as I can tell, he used to be the Regional Representative to the LPF EC for Region 5 (Nassau, Duval, Clay, and St. Johns Counties), but I cannot find any current affiliation with the Libertarian Party of Florida.
Ryan Ramsey is the regional representative to the LPF EC for Region 4 (Hamilton, Suwannee, Lafayette, Dixie, Gilchrist, Columbia, Union, Bradford, and Alachua counties), and is selected by the members of the convention from Region 4.  If you wish for him to be removed from the Executive Committee, you need to find a different candidate from those counties and have the members of the convention vote for the other candidate.  His current term expires at the end of the convention.
Brandi Hicks is not an officer of the Libertarian Party of Florida.  She is an officer of the Bradford County chapter of the Libertarian Party.  As such, the LPF EC cannot do anything about her position; you’ll need to work with the County affiliate directly.
Will you be attending the 2018 Annual Convention?  If so, you’ll need to bring in suggested officers to replace the people you are accusing, and you’ll need to bring evidence supporting your charges.  Since the charges are significant, then the evidence will need to be, too.

Then today I found a response to the original email from a member of the LPF EC:

Hello Mr. Eichmann,
Thank you for reaching out to the Libertarian Party of Florida. At this time, there will be no official action to remove, censure or suspend any members of the Party as our bylaws prevent us from doing so. If you feel that you would like to see a change in leadership, I invite you to attend our 2018 State Convention held on Feb 23rd-25th in Fort Walton Beach, FL to cast your vote for your executive officers of choice. This is by far the most effective and strategic way to make sure that those whom you want representing you are in leadership positions within your Party. Please see https://conf.lpf.org/ for registration, scheduling and venue details. I hope to see your participation and as always keep fighting for freedom.

In Liberty,


Steven Nekhaila
Region 14 Representative

Libertarian Party of Florida
It’s good to see someone on the Executive Committee also pointing to the annual convention as the remedy for the perceived problems.
No, I don’t expect a response from the EC to my email; it was sent directly to Hadassah L. Eichmann.
If Hadassah Eichmann is serious about his charges, he will come to the convention.

Added December 13, 2017:

There’s been a little more back and forth of the emails between Steven Nekhaila and Hadassah L. Eichmann.  Basically, Hadassah L. Eichmann complained about being misidentified as a man.  Steven apologized, and Hadassah L. Eichmann didn’t accept the apology, choosing to complain some more.

Added December 14, 2017:

Hadassah Eichmann sent me a reply to the above email.

After reading this post, Hadassah Eichmann sent me yet another email.  Since the email only had to do with this post, and not with my reply, I’m adding it here.  (I wonder why the “Comment” feature wasn’t used.  That way the original wording of the reply would be saved.)  The only criticism made about this post was about the misidentification of gender in the original post.  So I’ve edited it to remove the “Mr.” that I originally included, replacing it with Hadassah.  Apparently Hadassah Eichmann had no other comments to make.


10 thoughts on “Witch hunts

  1. That individual is an alias for a former party member, you will not find that name as an LPF member or voter. The alias name could also be considered a veiled threat, Hadassah is a Jewish women’s group, Eichman was hung post Nuremburg trials.

    All that aside, the important thing about this email is that it is actually part of the efforts to snuff out advancements made in the area of transparency and accountability.

    I founded the LPF Transparency and Accountability Initiative in the spring of 2016, and was met with bitter resistance by the interim chair at the time, and the remnants of the Adrian Wyllie regime.

    I supported the Cuban candidate over the white guy for Chair (because I am so racist), and as his victory loomed the opposition did an about face.

    Those who bitterly fought me on the issue introduced a motion to make our email public.

    They subsequently spammed the EC with enormous amounts of junk mail, followed by a circus of witch hunts and smears, for the express purpose of snuffing out the calls for transparency and accountability.

    The fact they took the immediate tactic of saying officers they did not like made the party “look bad”, using their own emails full of perjoratives like “Nazi” and “White Nationalist” as evidence made their motives pretty clear.

    In a recent EC meeting, a region rep berated a committee appointee for believing in the Constitution, and used this to kill the appointment. This same individual left the party shortly after, and spoke last weekend at the Constitution Party of Florida conventionm, attended by others who also left when they could not use our EC to further personal vendettas. I called out their hypocrisy in public which led to this email in a poor attempt at revenge.

    The plain facts are that I risked my life to leave the WN movement a long time ago, and have a commemorative bullet still lodged in my neck for a momento.

    I was unanimously elected twice by a diverse 9 county region, largest in the LPF, one that has 3 affiliates thriving. I founded them all, 24 months ago there was zero. Were running 9 candidates so far.

    As we approach major party status we have to assume both major parties as well as the deep state will do everything to sabotage and employ all manner of agent provocateurs and dirty tricks. This is serious business, ending the FED, going after the military industrial complex (I founded the national LP vets caucus to do just that), and upsetting the duopoly that keeps the world’s most powerful nation subject to control by globalist tyrants.

    Prior to the LPF I organized a gun rights group. Starting in 2010, it has 3x the dues paying membership of the LPF, originally founded in 1971, and free to join. The attacks on me are entirely based on the threat I represent to the establishment. To find those here for nefarious purposes, simply observe who is obsessed with attacking me.

    I expect to be killed at some point, and I consider it an honor.

    Liberty or death, as the saying goes.

    Thanks for the objective piece and your commitment to setting us apart from the GOP and DNC by making us transparent and accountable.

    Exist to Resist


    1. Thanks for the replies to his letter.

      I attempted to discover more about the letter writer, and my Google search failed to find anything. This means that either the person has managed to avoid making any internet wave, or is a pseudonym. I don’t have a problem with pseudonyms; they worked for many of the Founding Fathers. I’m more interested in the body of the letter, which pretty much appeared to be information free.


  2. I was forwarded the email in question, and also this article on the topic. Thank you Fredrik, for your refreshing honesty and objectivity. All I could do was laugh at this – this is quite obviously a troll of some sort. I challenge anyone to find an actual LPF member that exists with this name (the implications of the pseudonym are not only racist in itself but totally ridiculous), and I also challenge them to find a single thing I have ever said that would make me a “racist or an anti-semite”. I am a hardworking member of this party and quite frankly, the attacks on me and the other handful of people are becoming increasingly weak and pathetic. Whoever is doing this needs to get a hobby and a life.


    1. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I don’t have a problem with pseudonyms. There are many reasons (some valid, some not) to hide your true identity. What I’m more concerned with is the body of the letter, which appeared to be information free.


  3. We researched the LPF CRM database. We found a fraudulent entry made Spetember 28, 2017, just before another attack on party officers..it has no voter or personal info other than a fake address given, which is the address of the shipyards in Miami.

    We are looking into which Admin made the entry, and will remove them from access, as well as consider other disciplinary action if necessary.


    1. I’m assuming your research is trying to find who Hadassah Eichmann is? It’s an interesting question, but for me unimportant. I’m gauging their value by reading their posts and replies. So far, I’m unimpressed. All I see are blanket accusations without any evidence, and an inability to respond to comments except with insults.

      Perhaps at some point the person behind the (presumed) pseudonym will provide more value to the party. But from what I’ve seen, that day is not today.


      1. While cleaning out the mailbox for the Regional Representative, I didn’t notice anything special about September 28, 2017. However, I did notice that on June 21, 2017, there was a large number of “Subscriber Deleted” posts, and on June 8, 2017, there was a bunch of “Please confirm your subscription” posts. Apparently someone decided to fill up the previous Regional Representative’s mail box with junk mail. Petty bullshit.


      2. Yeah, someone signed up “ec@lpf.org” to a bunch of spam mail right after the vote to make the EC email public, so it wasn’t just the previous rep’s email, it was everyone on the EC. Definitely bullshit.


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