Hadassah Eichmann Responds

When I sent my email to Hadassah Eichmann, I didn’t really expect a response.  I thought I’d toss in my two cents, and be ignored.

So I was surprised to find this response from Hadassah Eichmann in my email this morning:

Who are you?  Why you make excuses for bad behavoir

Apparently, Hadassah Eichmann didn’t bother actually reading my email.  (Or use a spell checker on sent emails; the spelling mistake is not mine.  I’m a big fan of cut and paste.)  Or I wasn’t clear enough about the fact that accusations require evidence to be taken seriously.

So I replied as follows:

Who am I?  I suppose I could go into a long philosophical rambling about the existence of the individual, but I’m not sure that’s the type of answer you’re looking for.  I could send you a copy of my resume, or family pictures, but they don’t answer the question either.  Instead, I’ll just say that (1) I’m a registered libertarian voter, (2) a member of the Libertarian Party of Volusia County’s Executive Committee, (3) a member of the Libertarian Party of Florida’s Convention Committee, (4) a member of the national Libertarian Party since 1998 (according to the membership card they sent me), and (5) running for the vacant Region 7 Representative position at the upcoming convention, assuming that I’m not appointed to it by the LPF EC in the mean time.
Most of this information (and a lot more) can be found through a quick Google search.  (It helps that my first name is spelled differently than most Freds.  That way you don’t get bombarded with a bunch of spurious links.  No, I’m not related to Ann Coulter.  I’ve been told that’s her married name.)  But you might want to start by looking at LPedia or on my libertarian blog.  I discussed your first letter to the EC in my blog.
I did a quick Google search for your name before I replied to your email to the EC, and I couldn’t find anything about you.  You’ve either done a great job of keeping yourself off the internet, or you’re using a pseudonym.  There’s nothing wrong with using a pseudonym.  There are plenty of valid reasons to do so.  The Founding Fathers routinely did so.  But it does make me curious as to who you are.
As for excusing bad behavior, I wonder what behavior I was excusing?  You gave no evidence of any bad behavior, just bald assertions.  My response to you had two points, which apparently I wasn’t clear enough about.  First, the way to remove people from power within the LP is to run better candidates against them.  Second, if you are accusing someone of something, you really need to provide details and evidence, of which your letter contained none.  If I accused you of something without providing details, how would you defend yourself?  (At the least, if I accused you of murder wouldn’t you need to know who you were accused of murdering? When and where would also be useful when you’re coming up with an alibi.  “I couldn’t have killed Joe in Spokane; I was attending the Libertarian Party of Florida’s 2018 Annual Convention in Fort Walton Beach on the day in question.”)
My letter was advice to you as to how to remove those people that you find abhorrent, not to excuse their behavior.  I can’t excuse their behavior because I have no idea what their alleged behavior was.
By the way, your response to me and my response back to you will also be posted on my blog.  It’ll be interesting to see what comments they generate (if any).

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