Volusia Christmas Party

The Libertarian Party of Volusia County is having their Christmas social following the December business meeting 7:00 pm tomorrow.  In the goodness of my heart (and so I can get to the food faster), I haven’t offered any motions for consideration at the meeting.  I’m sure there will be much rejoicing.

However, after the meeting I’m going to post two draft motions for consideration at the January business meeting / convention.  Both of them address what I consider pressing issues with our governing documents and operations.

First, I’m going to offer a motion that allows committees, in the permanent absence of the Executive Committee appointed committee chairman, to select their own interim committee chairman, and for that interim committee chairman to serve until the LPVC EC appoints a new committee chairman.  We’ve got at least one committee that’s basically on hold because the chairman is no longer serving.

Originally this was part of a larger motion having to do with committees in general.  However, the bigger the motion, the more room there is for discussion, and the better the odds that time runs out before anything is accomplished.  This part is severable, so it’s going to be proposed for January.

Second, I’ll be offering a motion about one of the officer categories that we’ve been using but isn’t defined in the governing documents: the Precinct Captain.  We’ve elected people into the position, but no where do we define what their duties are, or even what a precinct is.  If we use the Supervisor of Election’s precincts, we could have over a hundred people voting as part of the Executive Committee, which seems unwieldy.  We’re supposed to be electing new Precinct Captains at the January meeting.  So I’m going to draft a proposal addressing both of these items.

I think that’s all I’m going to toss onto the floor for January.  I’ve got a list of other items I’d like to address, both in the Governing Documents and operationally, but I’m going to do it a piece at a time.  I don’t know if they’ll pass, but at least I’m going to give it a try.


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