Cranberry Sauce Shouldn’t be Reheated

The Libertarian Party of Volusia County had their December business meeting and holiday social last night.  I was hoping that the business meeting would be short, and then the food would be available early, but dreams and reality seldom coincide.  Last night the meeting started late, and ended even later.  It turns out that deciding when to have an annual convention can be far more controversial than I thought.

The end result is that next month’s convention will be held at the Mellow Mushroom on the east side of the county, at noon on January 27.  It’s later than usual, but perhaps it will create a more happening event, and bring at least a few more libertarians out of the house.  There are close to a thousand registered libertarians in the county, but few of them are active within the party.

One thing that came up was that I said that I would like to avoid embarrassing motions during the annual convention.  I was told that obviously I wasn’t interested in being political.  Well, if being political means not saying what you mean, then I guess the comment is correct.

What do I mean by embarrassing?  There are serious, policy oriented motions.  These are the ones that affect the organization in the long run.  What should an officer do?  When should they be elected?  Etc.  Those types of motions are really embarrassing, they’re why we have meetings in the first place.

So what are embarrassing motions?  They fit into two categories.  The first type is one that rules nebbishes (like me) love.  Fixing the grammar of the governing documents.  Looking for loopholes and trying to fix them before they’re used.  I find them interesting, but it’s sure as hell something I wouldn’t subject the general public to.  The other kind are the motions that we’ve avoided (at the LPVC), but have happened in other organizations, the censor motions.  Member A of the organization wants member B kicked off for some reason.  Personably, I find these types of motions generally a bad idea in normal meetings.  They build bad blood between people that are supposed to be working together, and take away energy that could be used to actually accomplish something.  It may be necessary, but I sure wouldn’t do it at a meeting that’s not just open to the public, but advertised as the annual business meeting for all libertarians in the county.

At any rate, the meeting finally ended, and we went to the social part of the meeting.  There was great ham, jalapeno poppers, deviled eggs (a personal weakness), and I brought home made cranberry sauce.  Homemade cranberry sauce is incredibly simple to make, yet most people think cranberry sauce is the stuff in the cans.  So I make it whenever I can.

I made the sauce Friday night, but got lazy and left it in the saucepan when I brought it over to the social.  I left it on the stove.  Somehow, during the business meeting the stove was turned on.

The cranberry sauce wasn’t burned (or at least the part I got wasn’t), but it sure wasn’t as good as it normally is.  So the moral is not to reheat cranberry sauce.

Maybe I’ll try again next year.


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