LPF EC December 2017 Meeting

The following is an experiment.  The Libertarian Party of Florida holds their Executive Committee meetings over the phone.  The phone number and access number is available over the phone.  If you aren’t an invited guest, you’ve supposed to keep your phone on mute.

Since I’m listening to the meeting on the phone, sitting in front of my computer, I’m going to try to live blog the meeting.  No, the following isn’t going to be a record of everything that’s said, or every motion, etc.  It’s a highly opinionated view of the meeting as it’s happening.  I’m sure that other people doing the same thing would probably have very different views of the whole thing.  Normally an audio recording of the meeting is posted by the LPF, so you can listen to the meeting and make your own determination about the meeting.

Basically, once the meeting starts, when I have something to comment I’ll add it to the end and republish (update) the post.

7:30 – I’m having problems calling into the number.  I’m told that the number (in Iowa) is not in my calling area.  I’m calling my cell phone company to find out what’s happening.  (I’ve called this number before, both for LPF EC and convention committee business.)

7:39 – Apparently it’s a problem that my phone company has been having.  They noted that I shouldn’t be billed.  (I’ll be checking the bill when it comes in.)  But I’ve logged in.  I’m listening to the report about the National Party Convention.

7:54 – The motion for my appointment was added to the agenda at the last minute.  It’s now being discussed.  I had two people speaking in favor.  Thanks to them both.  The vote came through, and I’m now the Region 7 Representative with no opposing votes.  Thanks to all.

[While listening to the meeting, I also sent emails to the two counties in Region 7 that don’t have LPF affiliates asking for their list of registered Libertarian voters.  The first thing a regional representative needs to do is get counties organized.]

8:28 – The motion to set the 2019 convention in Daytona Beach is on the floor.  The Chairman has said he’s rather it be done by the next convention committee.  The problems I have are multi-faceted.  First, I think that the convention should be scheduled prior to the end of the previous convention.  That means that the EC should be deciding the time and date either this meeting or next meeting.  Second, according to the governing documents, the convention committee doesn’t need to be set up until six months prior to the convention.  Six months is not enough time to organize a convention from scratch.

It’s interesting that the strongest voice against the decision is the Chairman of the EC.

The EC has decided to postpone the vote until next month’s EC meeting.

8:50 – Joe Hannoush of Florida House District 25 has been certified as a libertarian candidate.

8:54 – Meeting is adjourned.  Good night.



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