Volusia Precinct Captains

According to the Governing Documents of the Libertarian Party of Volusia County (LPVC),

The County Executive Committee is composed of the Precinct Delegations and the At-Large Delegation.


Each precinct shall have a Precinct Captain and a Precinct Alternate.

When I looked through the 2017 minutes of the LPVC, I found several Precinct Captains appointed to the Executive Committee.  During 2017, five people were appointed Precinct Captains from the following precincts: 212, 217, 401, 619, & 903.  Three of these positions are still held.

But what are these precincts?

It turns out that these are the same Precincts that are used by the Volusia Supervisor of Elections when running elections.  There are 125 precinct voting locations defined for Volusia County, but some locations support voting for multiple precincts.


An examination of the list of registered libertarian voters in Volusia County indicates that they are 978 registered libertarians in 144 separate precincts.  The Executive Committee could consist of 144 Precinct Captains and a number of At-Large positions.  There could be as few as four At-Large positions, or as many as the Executive Committee wants to have.

I’m having problems picturing 148 people in the Deland Regional Library trying to run a meeting.  Heck, the quorum call itself would take five minutes. Imagine a roll call for each motion.  There are sixteen precincts with only one registered libertarian, while the largest precinct holds 21 registered libertarians.  Here’s a histogram of precincts and registered libertarians.

Registered Libertarians by Precinct

Sixteen of the Precincts don’t have enough registered libertarians to have a Precinct Alternate.  Another sixteen Precincts have just enough libertarians so that every libertarian in the Precinct would, by definition, be in the Executive Committee.

My Precinct (212A) has ten registered libertarians, none of whom are currently members of the Executive Committee other than myself.  Rather than being an At-Large member of the Executive Committee, I could be the Precinct Captain for Precinct 212A.  (There are no other Precincts starting with 212.)

The question is whether our existing definition of precinct is workable.  I would conclude that it isn’t.  Assuming that we want to keep Precinct Captain as part of our Executive Committee, then we need to define what we mean by Precinct rather than merely relying upon the definition of the Supervisor of Elections.


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