The continuing saga of Hadassa Eichmann

I’ve previously posted about my interactions with Hadassah Eichmann.  She’s reappeared, having posted a motion for the 2018 Libertarian Party of Florida Annual Convention.  The motion she posted is as follows:

[Update] The Libertarian Party of Florida has deleted her motion from the list of upcoming motions for the 2018 Annual Convention.  They determined that they could find no record of a registered voter in the State of Florida with the name of Hadassa Eichmann, much less a registered LPF voter.  As such, she could not be a voting delegate to the convention, and therefore couldn’t introduce the motion.

They gave her a couple days to provide evidence to the contrary, but apparently did not do so.  So the motion was pulled.  Therefore I’m going to pull it from this blog post.

(They also pulled a motion made by a libertarian activist who had died several years ago.  As far as they could tell, this wasn’t a left over motion from when he was alive.)

To start with, there is no registered voter in the State of Florida named Hadassah Eichmann.  Not in the Libertarian Party of Florida.  Not in the Republican Party.  Not in the Democratic Party.  No where.  So there’s a question as to whether Hadassah Eichmann exists.  But mere existence does not qualify a person to propose motions for the annual convention.  They must be both members of the Libertarian Party of Florida and registered Florida voters in that party.  Since there’s no record of her existence on any voter rolls, then it’s hard to see how she is empowered to propose motions.

Assuming that the motion isn’t pulled prior to the Annual Convention, I will be bringing up the motion on a Point of Order, stating that the motion is illegal.  This should kill the motion immediately.

Even so, there are a some things in the motion that need to be addressed.

First, the continued witch hunt of Ryan Ramsey & Brandi Hicks.  Hadassah Eichmann continues to act as if no evidence need be provided with an accusation in order to take it seriously.  Stating that someone is a white nationalist doesn’t make it so.  I’m not going to defend either Ryan Ramsey or Brandi Hicks.  There’s no actual charge made, just derogatory comments, so no defense can be made.  From my interactions with both parties, I’ve seen no evidence of white nationalistic tendencies, but that’s a different issue.

Then comes the continued lack of understanding of how the party is structured.  The Executive Committee didn’t reward either Ryan Ramsey or Brandi Hicks with their “positions of authority.”  Ryan Ramsey is a Regional Representative, voted on by the delegates at the last convention from his region.  The Executive Committee has nothing to do with his position.  The delegates from his district may, if they so choose, select a different Regional Representative.  Brandi Hicks has no position within the Libertarian Party of Florida, much less a position of authority given to her by the Executive Committee.  But facts don’t appear to matter to Hadassah Eichmann, just accusations.

As for ignoring the law, that’s also incorrect (and out of date).  Florida Statutes state that the required financial reports are not to include disclosures made to the federal government.  You don’t need to report the same donations and expenditures to both the state and federal government.  The LPF has given the state a notice every quarter that the information was sent to the federal government.  From what I understand, the Florida Division of Elections has ruled that this is, in fact, correct.  So there is no requirement that disclosures be made to both entities; that the disclosures made to the federal government are acceptable for state purposes.

Another question is the nonresident foreign national.  Generally, Florida Statutes has focused on the spending of disallowed contributions, and not on the receipt of them.  I’m a campaign treasurer, and if I receive money from an illegal source, I am not to spend that money on the campaign.  This includes anonymous donations, cash in excess of $50 from a single person, and other such donations.  While I’m not an expert on Florida statutes, it would seem the same reasoning would apply.  If the LPF received money from an unauthorized source, then the LPF cannot spend the money.

And then there’s the “leadership position” of this nonresident foreign national.  Since the person isn’t identified, then it’s hard to say that Hadassah Eichmann is incorrect.  Who is this person, and what leadership position do they hold.  (Hint: are they on this list?  OK, that’s not an up to date list.  Paul Stanton resigned months ago, and I was appointed a month ago.  Neither is reflected on the list.)  So she’s still running on a fact-free accusation mode.

As for the zero accountability on the spending of funds, I’m sure that the Treasurer would take exception with that statement.  If there’s an issue, it should be brought up to the Treasurer.

The motion is followed by yet another fact-free accusation of misappropriation of funds.  This comes from some unnamed source.  If there’s anything that recent history has shown, unnamed sources have a poor track record with facts.

Hadassah Eichmann seems to have the kind of energy that could be used in building up the Libertarian Party of Florida.  She could have come to the Annual Convention and attempted to improve the party.  Unfortunately, she continues to appear to only be interested in the politics of destruction.

Sorry, but I’m not impressed.



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