Region 7 Monthly Report – January 2018

Since I don’t have access to either the forums or the Google Drive used for such reports, I’m posting my report here:

Region 7 of the Libertarian Party of Florida consists of three counties, Volusia, Flagler, and Putnam.  There is an organized and recognized affiliate of the party in Volusia County.

Volusia County

As of the last voter list downloaded, there are 942 registered voters registered as members of the Libertarian Party of Florida.  The monthly meeting of the LPVC was rescheduled to coincide with the LPVC Annual Convention, which is scheduled for January 27 at noon at the Mellow Mushroom in Port Orange.  An open invitation has been issued by the LPVC Executive Committee for any and all LPF EC members to attend the meeting and to share in the food afterward.

The county convention has been advertised on FaceBook by the LPVC.  In addition, several members have sent advertised the convention using different means. Jonathan Loesche purchased a FaceBook advertisement that will run for two weeks.  Joe Hannoush (I think) sent out post cards to all those who changed party affiliation to libertarian during the last year.  J Mark Barfield sent out cards to registered libertarians in the City of Deltona.  I sent out cards to registered libertarians in State House District 26 who registered to vote prior to January 1, 2017.  The following are the cards that I sent.  (I don’t have copies of the other cards that were sent.)  I included information about the state convention next month.


The LPVC has been attempting to gain access to its post office box, which is owned by Paul Stanton, the old Region 7 Representative.  At this point they have given up and are investigating getting their own post office box.

Additionally there has been discussion about “adopting” a road segment in order to increase the profile of the county affiliate.


Both of the two State House Candidates are actively gathering petition signatures.

Flagler County

Flagler County currently has 190 registered libertarian voters.  I have been unable to access the Flagler County Libertarians FaceBook page.  I’ve contacted prior regional representatives, who have stated that they didn’t have access, either.  I’ve messaged the page and received no response.  I would prefer not to create a new FaceBook page.  The existence of two pages would confuse the target audience.  I’m still attempting to gain access to the page.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Putnam County

Putnam County currently has 82 registered libertarian voters.  With the assistance of Alison Foxall and the Communications Committee, I’ve gained access to the Putnam County Libertarians FaceBook page.  Since gaining access, I’ve made several posts to the page, with several of them promoted.  The page has several new likes, with likes made on several of the posts.

My plan is to continue to post weekly schedules of local governmental meetings and calendar events as well as shares of libertarian posts.  I’m hoping that this will result in a reason for Putnam County libertarians to go to the page.
I also reached out to a Putnam County resident who’s email I found in the Region 7 email box.
At some point I’m going to try to organize a Meetup in Putnam County for libertarians.  With luck, I’ll find a few libertarians who are interested in organizing a county affiliate.  While I’m concerned about the size of the libertarian voter base, counties with fewer libertarian voters have been successful.
LPF Committees
The Region 7 Representative to the Convention Committee is myself.  I cannot comment on my actions within that committee.  Please contact Marc Tanner for that information.
J Mark Barfield is a member of the Legislative Review Committee.  I discussed the committee with him.  He was not happy that the committee had not formally met, but was looking forward to his first scheduled meeting with the rest of the committee that had just been scheduled.
The other two Region 7 Representatives to LPF Committees had very little to say about their committee experience.  I’ve been informed that there are three other LPF Committees with Region 7 vacancies.  I’ve discussed these vacancies with the LPVC EC, but they have had very little interest at this time in filling one of the committee vacancies.  This is probably due to organizing the upcoming county convention, followed soon by the upcoming state convention.  Since my time in this position may end next month, and the fact that many of the committees may be reconstituted following the state convention, the vacancies are a low priority.
Future Priorities
For the remainder of this term, I am going to focus primarily on the Putnam County Face Book page and other outreach to Putnam County.  This includes a mass mailing in the next week or so to the registered libertarian voters in Putnam County.
If I am elected to the Region 7 Representative position at next month’s convention, I will be revisiting the LPF committee vacancies, outreach to Flagler County, as well as continuing the Putnam County outreach efforts.

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