Libertarian Party of Florida Executive Committee Meeting – January 14, 2018

It’s Live Feed time again.

7:35 I moved to amend the agenda to add a Committee of the Whole at the end of the meeting to discuss the LPN Vice-Chair and the bogus Convention motions.  Then came a bunch of parliamentary stuff.  The end result is that there will be a discussion about both issues at the end of the meeting.

8:00 A member of the EC couldn’t make the last few meetings so a motion was added to the agenda to accept his de facto resignation.  He was attending the meeting, so the members of the EC voted against accepting the resignation.

8:20 I gave my first report.  I pointed to the blog post, invited every member of the EC to the Volusia County Convention, and asked for any advice as to how to get access to the Flagler County FaceBook page.

8:50 The motion for the 2019 state convention in Daytona Beach has come up for discussion.  Marc Tanner was there to discuss the contract.  Due to my employment and my position on the Convention Committee, I abstained on the vote.  Other than my vote, everyone who voted voted for it despite the Chairman wanting the next Convention Committee to choose the location.

9:30 Due to lack of quorum, we weren’t able to have a full discussion on the Vice-Chair of the LPN, or any discussion on the bogus motions.  However, the little discussion we had on the Vice-Chair seemed to indicate that they didn’t want to give him any more attention, which is a valid position to take.  Pity we didn’t get to the bogus motions, but Alisyn Foxall says she has a solution she can implement.  I hope it works.



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