Announcement – Running for LPF Treasurer

When I’m thinking about running for an office, the first thing I think about is the current occupant of the office.  I need to think about if they’re running for re-election, and if they are, can I honestly say I’d be a better person in that office.  I had heard some interesting rumors about several members of the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of Florida choosing not to run again, leaving their seats open.  Of all the seats that are scheduled for election at the Libertarian Party of Florida’s Annual Conference, I am extremely qualified for one of them.

So I contacted James Morris, the current Treasurer, and asked him about his plans for re-election.  He informed me that he had already told the Executive Committee that he did not plan to run for re-election.

I’m announcing that I am throwing my hat into the ring for the Treasurer’s election at the Libertarian Party of Florida’s Annual Convention.  I am unaware of any other candidates currently running for that position, but look forward to open discussions with any other candidates as they announce their attention.

First, what are my qualifications for Treasurer.  Simple.  I’m an accountant and a budget guy.  But you probably want more details.  So the following is a condensed Résumé.

1983(?) – 1990: Following a misspent but enjoyable youth, I started my first accounting job around 1983.  I soon became the Director of Billing at a furniture importer, followed by the same position at a law firm.  Both of these jobs were in the New York City area.

1990 – 1995: This was my successful college attempt.  During this time I earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, and a Masters of Accountancy, all from a university in Florida.

1995 – 2002: I was a practicing public accountant, earning my CPA.  I was primarily an auditor, but I also did taxes for my audit clients and their owners.  I worked at two large Orlando area firms during this time.

2002 – 2005: I worked in the Finance Department of a local government in Central Florida.  Among other things, I had to implement new accounting standards.

2005 – 2013: I moved from Finance to Budget for the same local government.  I ended up number two in their Budget Office.

2013 – present: I switched employers, and became the Budget Officer for a local government.

2017 – present: I am also the Deputy Treasurer for a local (non-libertarian) candidate for office.  The best way to learn what a Campaign Treasurer does is to work on a campaign with an experience Treasurer.  I took the job for the knowledge gained, because I like the candidate, and because there are no libertarians running for the same position.

In summary, my experience has taught me how to add and subtract without taking off my shoes.  It has taught me about governmental compliance standards.  I also spoke to James Morris about the transition.  He assured me that he was very willing to assist during the transition to make the change in officers seamless.

What do I bring other than the technical knowledge above?  As the masthead of this blog states, my goals within the Libertarian Party of Florida are to be transparent and accountable.  I don’t plan on hiding my actions, running a “good old boys” club, or any of the old-school smoke filled room activities.  (I don’t smoke, so I’d rather not start on second hand smoke more than I need to.)

But more importantly for the immediate future of the Libertarian Party of Florida, I’m focusing on collegial relations with the rest of the Executive Committee.  We need to work together to get libertarians elected.  Fighting within the Executive Committee, rampant ego growth, and witch hunt accusations do nothing to get libertarians elected.  All they do is tear the Executive Committee apart.  I do not plan on bringing censure or removal motions to Executive Committee meetings.  (Obviously there are exceptions, but there are none on the horizon that I can see.)  When potentially divisive issues come up, we need to keep open discussions within the Executive Committee to determine what the optimal course of action is, not wave dueling motions at each other.  I attempt to damp down discussions before they move to the personal attack phase.

I’d like your support in this endeavor.  Please come to the Libertarian Party of Florida’s Annual Convention as a voting delegate.  And please vote for me when you have the opportunity.  And if you choose to support a different candidate, please make sure that the other candidate is also interested in supporting the party’s mission, not being a divisive force within the party.

See you in Fort Walton Beach.


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