Candidate Announcements for LPF Convention

So far there have been several candidates (including myself) declaring their intention to run for party office.  Most of the announcements have been on FaceBook, but are only visible if your subscribing to the correct group.  Even then, the FaceBook news feed algorithm doesn’t mean that the announcement will be seen by all the registered delegates of the convention.

The convention registration web page asks what party office the delegate is planning on running for.  As far as I can tell, that information is not available to registered delegates.  It also asks if that information can be shared with candidates.  As far as I can tell, that information is NOT generally available to candidates for party office.  (I was able to see who had registered for the convention and who allowed for their contact information to be shared.  However, this may have been due to my position on the convention committee or my position on the Executive Committee.  If I used this information when running for party office, it would be an unfair advantage compared to other candidates.  No, I didn’t use this information.)

But the questions asked on the delegate registration page is not required.  Next year’s convention could drop those questions from the delegate registration page.  And so I’m proposing the following addition to the Standing Rules so that (1) the questions are required, and (2) the answers are distributed to the pertinent candidates and delegates.

To create a new section to the Annual Convention Delegates & Procedures with the following text:

The Annual Convention shall, on its web site, include the capability for registered delegates to declare their intention to run for a party office. Within two business days of declaring their intention, the convention web site shall include the declared candidate on a list of declared candidates. Being included on the list of declared candidates shall not imply that the individuals listed are eligible for running for the office, just that they are intending to run.

If a delegate chooses to announce their candidacy for a party office after registering as a delegate, they may do so by sending an email to both the Convention Committee and the Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Florida. Their names shall be added to the list of declared candidates within two days of sending notice.

If the Selection Committee determines that the declared candidate is not eligible for party office, they may direct the Convention Committee to remove the name from list of declared candidates after giving two days notice to the deleted candidate.

Candidates for party office must still be formally nominated from the floor.

The Annual Convention shall, as part of delegate registration, request whether the contact information for the delegate is to be disclosed to declared candidates. The declared candidates shall be provided the contact information on those delegates who have permitted their contact information to be shared. Candidates for regional representation shall be provided with the contact information of delegates from their regions. At-large candidates, including Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer, shall be provided the contact information for all delegates.


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