Convention Agenda

The agenda of the Libertarian Party of Florida’s Annual Convention has been posted.  I have one concern about the agenda; the length of time allocated to floor motions.  According to the agenda, the last 30 minutes of Sunday’s meeting is all the time that the floor motions will have.

As of January 24, 2018, there are eight proposed floor motions.  (Four of them are mine.  Three of those were proposed prior to my joining the Executive Committee.)  Assuming that there are no additional motions, that leaves only three minutes and forty five seconds per motion.  I don’t expect many additional proposed Constitutional amendments – they require thirty days notice – but Bylaw and Standing Rule changes can be proposed up to the date of the convention.  This leaves very little time to discuss these proposals.

Since this portion of the convention is the only time that non-Rules Committee vetted motions can be considered, far more time needs to be allocated to the process.  I dislike the idea of a small group of people, no matter how well meaning, acting as a filter on the membership of the Libertarian Party of Florida.


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