Motion: Establish Fund Raising Standing Committee

At this point, there are sixteen motions being proposed as floor motions for the 2018 Annual Convention.  I may have posted most of my motions a while ago, but there are a bunch now showing up.  I’m planning on reviewing and posting on as many of these motions as I can before the convention.  All of these blog posts will be tagged LPF2018, so if you want to look at my thoughts on those motions, just click on the LPF2018 tag on the right side of the page or the bottom of this post.

Gregory Peele is an officer of the Libertarian Party of Florida, sitting in the Director At-Large 3 position.  He has proposed a number of changes to the Constitution of the Libertarian Party of Florida.  The fourth change he’s proposing is to establish the Fund Raising Committee as a constitutional committee.

Type: Constitution
Title: Establish Fund Raising Standing Committee
Article: ARTICLE III Officers, Executive Committee & Standing Committees
Section & Subsection (if applicable):
Text: I move to establish the Fundraising Committee as a constitutional standing committee by amending Article III Section 3 Subsection A of the LPF Constitution to append “Fundraising Committee” and by appending a new Section to Article III titled “Fundraising Committee” with the following text

“The Fundraising Committee shall be tasked with raising funds for the Libertarian Party of Florida. The committees duties shall include planning and conducting fundraising campaigns and growing the breadth and depth of the party’s donor base.”

First, there probably should be a little context for this motion.  There are currently six standing committees defined in the Constitution:

  • Candidate Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Platform Committee
  • Rules Committee
  • Selection Committee

Greg’s first motion, if passed, would have made committee creation consistent, rather than defined differently for each standing committee.  Greg’s second motion would have cleaned up the language defining the Candidates Committee.  Greg’s third motion would establish a Legislative Action Committee.  This, Greg’s last motion submitted to date, creates a committee focused on fund raising.

Does this mean that the party has never looked at fund raising before?  No, it’s always done fund raising.  While the existing committee, just recently changed in name from the Finance Committee to the Fundraising Committee does not appear in the Governing Documents, it is listed on the LPF Committee page.  (I just met the Chair of that committee at yesterday’s Libertarian Party of Florida Annual Convention.)

Greg’s motion elevates the existing Fundraising Committee to the same level, and established in the same way, as the standing committees currently defined in the Constitution.  Again, this seems like a no brainer, and I’m going to support the motion.

Fund raising is probably the most important function of the LPF.  Without money, it can’t accomplish anything.  The fact that the Fundraising Committee (or Finance Committee) was previously just an ad hoc committee is frightening.

As I mentioned in my post on Greg’s third motion, I do question whether standing committees should be established by the Constitution rather than the Bylaws.  But I’ll leave the question open for the Rules Committee, as part of my March 2018 EC meeting motion directing the Rules Committee to reorganize the Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules.



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