Motion: Motion to amend Constitution Art II, Sects. 1 and 5

There are four motions carried forward from the 2017 Annual Convention to the 2018 Annual Convention.  I’m planning on reviewing and posting on these motions as part of my review of the 2018 Annual Convention Agenda. All of these blog posts will be tagged LPF2018, so if you want to look at my thoughts on the other motions, just click on the LPF2018 tag on the right side of the page or the bottom of this post.

Type: Constitution
Title: Motion to amend Constitution Art II, Sects. 1 and 5
Text: Motion by the Rules Committee to amend Constitution, Article II, Sections 1 and 5, striking some sections and adding language.

ARTICLE II Membership

Section 1. LPF membership is open to any LPF voter who whoever signs the pledge: “I hereby certify that I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force as a means of achieving political or social goals,” and asks to be a member of the LPF.

Section 5.  Certain rights and privileges of membership, including delegate status, committee appointments and observation of committee meetings, holding party office, exercise of voting rights in the conduct of any Libertarian Party of Florida business, and the right to bring business before the Annual Business Meeting, shall be available only to LPF members who are registered LPF voters in the state of Florida and shall not be available unavailable to members and officers of any other political party. registered in the state of Florida. Members and officers of other political parties registered in the state of Florida Persons ineligible for such rights and privileges may participate in discussion on items of business brought before the membership, subject to the discretion of the Chair or by a two-thirds (2/3s) majority vote of the body.

A minor complaint:  This motion, like all the motions being carried forward from the previous year’s convention, have crap titles.  Couldn’t the motion be titled with some sort of explanation of what they’re trying to do?

Now for the actual meat of the motion.  What does this motion do?  Basically, does two things.  First, it adds a requirement for membership in the Libertarian Party of Florida that the member be a registered voter in the State of Florida, and that the voter be registered as an LPF voter.  Second, it makes it harder for the membership to keep non-members from participating in debate.

I’ve had some interesting run-ins with a person who is listed as a member of the Libertarian Party of Florida.  Interestingly, that person does not appear to be a registered voter in the State of Florida.  Nevertheless, she proposed a floor motion for the convention.  Another motion was posted by a deceased member of the convention.  Since it’s unlikely that either will appear as a delegate at the Convention, the motions have been deleted.  I’m in favor of requiring that members of the Libertarian Party of Florida actually exist, and being registered voters seems like a reasonable way of demonstrating their existence.  Registering with the state as party members is also a good idea.

I’d prefer that we didn’t require formal registration with the party for rank and file members, and I’d prefer that we don’t require signing the pledge for rank and file members.  But those are the current requirements, and can be addressed separately.  I’ve discussed this in more detail while discussing Ryan’s membership proposal, which could probably be amended taking in the changes in this amendment.

In summary, I’m in favor of this amendment, and would suggest that Ryan work on an amended version of his motion that takes into account the changes made by this motion.  Or it might be possible to amend this motion at the convention removing the pledge and registration with the party requirements.  But if Ryan’s motion doesn’t make it to the floor due to time constraints, this motion addresses at least some of the issues that Ryan’s motion addresses.




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