Motion: Motion to amend Constitution Art III, Section 4

There are five new motions from the Rules Committee at the 2018 Annual Convention.  I’m planning on reviewing and posting on these motions as part of my review of the 2018 Annual Convention Agenda. All of these blog posts will be tagged LPF2018, so if you want to look at my thoughts on the other motions, just click on the LPF2018 tag on the right side of the page or the bottom of this post.

Type: Constitution
Title: Motion to amend Constitution Art III, Section 4
Text: Motion to amend LPF Constitution Article III, Section 4

Section 4. Rules Committee

A. The Rules Committee will be composed of the LPF Chair, LPF Secretary, and three (3) other members of the party not on the Executive Committee, appointed annually by the Chair elected by the delegates at the annual convention to serve a one-year term. Vacancies on this committee occurring after the Annual Business Meeting may be filled by the Chair with the approval of the Executive Committee. The Rules Committee shall be responsible for interpreting the Constitution and other governing documents based on current Florida Statutes and shall prepare and submit amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws for a vote by the membership at the Annual Business Meeting.

A minor complaint:  This motion, like all the new motions from the Rules Committee, have crap titles.  Couldn’t the motion be titled with some sort of explanation of what they’re trying to do?

Now for the actual meat of the motion.  The current Rules Committee is controlled by the Chair.  The Chair appoints the members annually.  So if a question comes up about the legality of an action by the Chair, the Rules Committee decides.  This seems like a massive issue about the impartiality of the Rules Committee, at least when it comes to questions of the Chair’s actions.  The new wording moves a great deal of the power away from the Chair and to the membership of the LPF.

So this is an easy “yes” for me.



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